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Social Media Marketing

Whether you are analyzing internal social media marketing data or sharing visualizations with data, the Lovelytics Social Media Marketing dashboards allow users to share key metrics in a visually-appealing manner. 

Retail Dashboards

Using Tableau and data from Shopify, the Lovelytics designed a set of mock dashboards for executives, retail leaders, and store managers…

Human Resources Dashboard

The Human Resources Dashboard created by Lovelytics showcases key metrics related to employee turnover.

Drill-Down Mapping Dashboard

Tableau allows users to easily drill into data as displayed by the Lovelytics Election Map dashboard. To start, users are presented with a state view of election results.

National Basketball Association (NBA) Ticketing Dashboard

A viz showcasing ticket sales throughout an NBA season. Created by Chantilly Jaggernauth All data used is fake and does not reflect actual revenue, capacity, or ticket sales for the NBA or any NBA organization.

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