Get up and running quickly with Databricks

Whatever you want to use your lakehouse for, Databricks Brickbuilders and our custom configuration for your unique needs will get you there faster. As Databricks Partner of the Year, we can show you how.

Snowflake-to-Databricks Migration

Ensure a rapid and sound migration process.

Migrating data platforms doesn’t have to be a scary undertaking. Leverage Databricks to unlock more value from data and AI. This five-step migration accelerator, developed in partnership with Databricks, consists of a migration solution strategy and specialty tools to ensure a rapid, sound migration from Snowflake to Databricks. Realize:

  • 2.7x average faster performance than Snowflake, according to third-party reports
  • 12x more cost efficiency than Snowflake, according to third-party reports

Health Data Interoperability  

Automate data ingestion

The healthcare industry has a legacy of highly structured data models and complex analytics pipelines. This vast trove of data is used in clinical trial analytics, therapeutics, operational reporting, and governance & compliance. Automate the ingestion of streaming FHIR bundles into the lakehouse for downstream patient analytics at scale with the Health Data Interoperability Brickbuilder. This accelerator is now available on the Tableau Exchange, or see it on Tableau Public.

MLB Sports Analytics 

Make sense of Statcast data for unique insights

Statcast provides thousands of valuable data points on player performance across the 30 MLB teams. To make good decisions about trades, drafts, and strategy, teams can analyze the data—after the game, throughout the season, and into the off-season. Rapidly understand Statcast data in new ways with the Sports Analytic Brickbuilder.


Quickly stand up a 360-degree view of your game.

Data is your studio’s most powerful “loot. ” The game analytics Brickbuilder helps studios unify their data to uncover comprehensive, actionable insights for gamer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Eliminate silos and conquer your mission.