Power BI

Powerful Microsoft Reports at Your Fingertips

Get a jump start on using your data for valuable business insights. Our Power BI consultants and data experts can work with you to custom configure your specific use case and data needs and accelerate your time to insights. 

Game Analytics 

Acquisition, engagement, & retention

Unify your game and player data to uncover comprehensive, actionable insights. Eliminate silos and conquer your mission.

Employee Turnover 

Satisfaction and productivity

Which positions or departments have the highest churn? Why are employees leaving, and when do they leave? Make management decisions based on real data. 

Hospital Metrics 

Predictability and better care

Harness your patient and practice metrics to ensure proper staffing, efficiency, and superior care. Track KPIs like wait time and patient satisfaction. 

Length of Stay 

Efficiency and bottom line

Are you meeting your targets? Analyze patients’ length of stay at your clinic or hospital by provider, physician, speciality, and more. See what’s working, and what needs improvement.


Growth and revenue

Know in an instant if you’re meeting your targets, how each region is performing, and where you need to focus your efforts. Sales is the heart of your business, and this Power BI report can tell you how to keep it beating.

Professional Services 

Goals and progress

For professional services organizations, tracking opportunities, pipeline, progress, and performance yields valuable insights and spurs action. See where you are, where you’re going, and how you’re getting there.