Data Governance

Helping Organizations Build a Framework to Govern Data and AI Assets

Leveraging data as an asset means having a comprehensive data governance strategy. How can you best use your data? What systems will dictate its application? Our team helps you answer these questions, so you can apply data with purpose.


Put Your Organization’s Data to Work Responsibly

Data governance involves creating standards and practices for the responsible and efficient use of data within an organization.

Today, companies are held to high standards when it comes to ethical and responsible application of data. Privacy and trust are essential to an organization’s brand, and emerging forms of analytics require proper oversight to ensure responsible usage. To succeed, businesses need to implement critical governance without compromising on agility.

Design Your Data Governance Program

The enterprises that excel at scaling their data strategy are the ones that have learned to achieve governance without compromising on agility. Lovelytics taps into our experience working with enterprises at every scale to help you build a Data Governance program that is right for your organization.

Our Specialties

We Help Design & Implement Data Governance At-Scale

When it comes to a comprehensive data governance program we will help your organization every step of the way.

Data Governance Strategy

We will help you design Data Governance into every aspect of your data & analytics strategy.

Data Governance Center Of Excellence Design

Centers of Excellence help organizations build Data Governance into your culture. Let us help you design and kick-off a COE for your organization.

Data Security

We can help you approach security through the lens of risk management, not fear.

Data Quality Management

Learn to apply advanced DQM techniques to support your Data Governance program.

Data Lineage

We help you design and implement data lineage capabilities as part of your Data Governance program to ensure you can trace your data at every step of its journey.

Data Cataloging

Understanding your data better starts with everyone knowing more about your data. We help you design data cataloging capabilities as part of a comprehensive Data Governance program.

Our Partners

We Partner With & Recommend The Best

A comprehensive Data Governance program is more than just great technology. We will work with you to help determine the best technology solutions for your Data Governance program. 

Featured Resources

Explore additional resources that will help your organization harness data to foster improvements.