Lovelytics offers a wide variety of Data Analytics Professional Services:


Promoting a culture of self-reliance is the staple of every Lovelytics engagement. We won’t leave our clients with an impersonal feeling as though they have simply “handed something to a consultant” and must now wait to hear back about the data and results.

Instead, we much prefer to work hand-in-hand with your team to promote self-reliance while drastically improving your understanding and use of data.
Lovelytics offers both custom and pre-packed solutions focused in the following key areas:


  • Data Strategy
  • Data Integrations & Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Custom Web and Mobile Development
  • Projects with tools Tableau, Mapbox, Alteryx, Salesforce and more


Removing technology from the conversation and gaining a clear vision of the needs of each audience group is crucial to the success of any data analytics roadmap. Building on experience of implementing many modern data analytics environments, The Lovelytics team will lead discovery workshops focusing on uncovering both the business needs as well as the technical skill sets of each user group within the organization. 

The information gathered during the sessions will drive the data discovery portion of the Roadmap Development. Working hand-in-hand with the data stewards of the organization, previously identified business use cases will be tied to data sources, tables, and specific metrics to create the design for the back-end environment.

The outcome of the Data Analytics Roadmap Development includes the following:

  • Documented business requirements
  • Data environment mapping document
  • Software and tool recommendations
  • Timeline and estimated cost of a phased deployment

Data Integrations & Warehousing

A modern data warehouse allows for automated reporting, self-service analytics, accurate data reporting, and comprehensive reporting of all data sources.  Lovelytics specializes in creating enterprise-ready data warehouses using premier tools and databases, such as Snowflake, SQL Server, Alteryx, and Talend. 

Whether you are using many Excel sheets, multiple databases, or industry specific platforms, the Lovelytics team will help you design and implement a data warehouse perfect for your business now and in the future. 

Read about our work with UNTUCKit to create a modern data warehouse to enable enterprise-wide reporting, allowing Senior Management and various departments to measure and understand the company’s performance, as well as to inform strategy planning for the future.

The Lovelytics team has worked with hundreds of different sources and types, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Snowflake
  • Shopify
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • SQL
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Oracle
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • MySQL
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics & AdWords
  • Social Media Networks

Need to connect to a data source that does not natively connect to Tableau? The Lovelytics team specializes in using Python and other languages to programmatically pull data from sources to populate your dashboards. In the end, you retain an automated data connection to provide accurate and timely reporting. 

Examples of custom data connections built by the Lovelytics team are:

  • Shopify
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • HubSpot
  • NewStore
  • SAP
  • NetSuite


Simply put: Users like dashboards and reports that perform well and look good!  

The Lovelytics Tableau visualization team is led by Tableau Zen Master Chantilly Jaggernauth and specializes in creating high-performing, visually-appealing dashboards and reports. 

Following a 4-step iterative process of Understand, Prototype, Develop, and Implement, Lovelytics ensures each dashboard satisfies both technical and business requirements of end users. 

Examples of Lovelytics Tableau visualizations can be found here.

Tableau Server Installation packages from Lovelytics are ideal for organizations who have recently purchased Tableau Server.  Lovelytics installs and configures the Server following best practices.  Training is provided to promote self-sufficiency moving forward. 

Lovelytics offers three Tableau Server Installation packages catering to the varying complexity and requirements of each client environment.  The three Tableau Server installation packages are:

  • Standard Single-Node Installation
  • Distributed Tableau Server Installation
  • Customized Tableau Server Installation

The Standard Tableau Server Installation is a single node installation generally best for organizations with a user base smaller than 1,000 users with low to medium usage concurrency. 

The Distributed Tableau Server Installation is ideal for organizations with either high-availability and uptime needs, large user bases, or high-concurrency of usage. Spreading the server processes across multiple nodes extends the reliability and efficiency of Tableau Server by providing redundancy and additional computing power.

For clients who require a customized installation of Tableau Server, Lovelytics will create a custom package to fit the needs of the organization.  Examples of customized installation packages may include:

    • Silent Installation of Tableau Server
    • Tableau Server Installation on more than 3 nodes
    • Customized Tableau Server Installations 
    • Proxy for Tableau Server Installations inside of a DMZ

Want to enable your team with the latest and greatest features from Tableau? The Lovelytics’ Tableau Server certified resources will upgrade your Tableau Server to the newest version.

During the engagement, Lovelytics will complete the engagement, provide testing and documentation, and lead a customized training session to showcase new features and functionality to your user base.

Lovelytics Managed Tableau Server allows Tableau clients to utilize extensive customization and security features of Tableau Server.  This approach avoids managing, hosting, and employing full-time staff to administer the required infrastructure.

Lovelytics maintains best-in-class data security certifications, including NIST CSF, HIPAA and CCPA to ensure our clients are provided with the highest-level of security for their environments. 

The Lovelytics team of experienced Tableau Server administrators will host, maintain, and upgrade the environment.  The result is a stable, up-to-date, and secure environment for our clients providing analytics across the organization!

Sharing analytics within your application, customer portal, or website is one of the best ways to provide your clients with easy access to whitelabeled Tableau reporting.  

Lovelytics specializes in creating custom, secure portals and websites to enable your clients with a sleek interface to interact with the data and reports you provide. Additionally, clients can be given permission to create their own reports.

Learn about our work with Broadridge Financial Services to create a modern customer experience where users are provided access to Tableau dashboards.

Lovelytics offers both public and private Tableau training courses. 

Click on the links below to see more information about the curriculum and next course dates: 


Whether you are looking to display live weather conditions, locations of your fleet, or locations of popular restaurants, Mapbox allows you to develop a customized solution that is performant, visually-appealing, and seamlessly integrated to your website. 

Lovelytics will design and develop custom solutions based on the features and functionality desired. Mapbox also allows for maximum formatting flexibility to ensure all solutions are on-brand and blend seamlessly into the website.

Check out our work with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) on a weather map that provides insights on wildfire risk and weather events that could impact their service

Common Mapbox-powered web applications include:

  • Sales territory mapping
  • Store locators
  • Election Mapping
  • Live weather tracking
  • Fleet tracking

Do you want to live track your fleet inside of your Tableau dashboards? How about viewing 3D buildings? Mapbox allows for both native and custom development in many business intelligence tools, including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Cognos, and Microstrategy.

Lovelytics will develop custom add-ons to your business intelligence solutions to ensure your end users are viewing both their data analytics as well as geospatial reports in one, single consolidated area. 

Common Mapbox-powered business intelligence engagements include:

  • Creating delivery routing for drivers
  • Tracking occupancy with 3D buildings for real estate firms
  • Driving times based on historic traffic

Need an android or iOS mobile application that allows users to seamlessly interact with your location data or maps in general? Mapbox allows users to develop many types of geospatial mobile solutions, including:

  • Live directions
  • Indoor mapping and directions for malls, parks, and stadiums
  • Store locators for retail organizations
  • Election mapping for campaigns and committees

Data Science

For organizations who are looking to take their analytics to the next level, the Lovelytics team provides expertise and development using artificial intelligence,  “AI”. 

Leverage artificial intelligence to augment your product development or operations planning. At Lovelytics, we use high-performance AI models to extract accurate and interpretable predictions for a wide variety of business or organizational needs. 

The Lovelytics team specializes in:

  • Machine Learning (predictive modeling, explainable AI)
  • Natural Language Processing (sentiment analysis, topic modeling)
  • Geospatial Analytics (clustering, spatial predictions)
  • Audience / Customer Segmentation
  • Using SQL, R, Python


For companies who are new to Alteryx or looking to enhance their capabilities, the Alteryx Kickstart engagement is for you! 

The Alteryx Designer Kickstart Engagement can be customized in 2, 3, or 5 day engagements and includes a mix of consulting and training through Lovelytics certified Alteryx consultants. 

Working hand-in-hand with our client’s Alteryx users allows for efficient development of workflows, data connections, or models and allows for sufficient training throughout the engagement. 

Examples of tasks completed during the Alteryx Designer Kickstart are:

  • Connecting to data sources
  • Data prep & blending
  • Create workflows
  • Creating predictive models
  • Alteryx Designer best practices review
  • Scheduling workflows using Alteryx Scheduler or Server

At the end of the Alteryx Kickstart, clients not only make progress on their project but also have internal resources who are more self-sufficient.

For organizations looking to outsource the development of workflows, predictive models, or other Alteryx tasks, Lovelytics will create a custom scoped engagement focused on delivering quick wins and providing your users with an expertly developed analytics environment.  

Lovelytics works hand-in-hand with our clients to understand all of the data sources and relationships between them to create the desired Alteryx solutions.

The Alteryx Server Deployment & Enablement is a 2-day engagement led by the Lovelytics Alteryx Server team. The engagement focuses on installing and configuring the Alteryx Server while promoting self-sufficiency through training.

The Alteryx Server Deployment and Enablement Project includes the following:

  • Installation of Alteryx Server in client environment
  • Setup licensing for the Alteryx Server
  • Configuration of components: Environment, Controller, Worker, Gallery, Engine
  • Configuration of Alteryx Analytics Gallery
  • Setup of User Authentication through either Active Directory integration or Local Authentication
  • SSL Configuration (if needed)
  • License Management
  • Setup workflow schedules and refreshes
  • 2-hour Alteryx Server Administration Workshop

Alteryx Core Concepts 1 is designed for beginner users of Alteryx Designer who are working with data. 

This 2-day course provides you with the building blocks needed to execute simple to complex tasks using Alteryx. Throughout the course, you will learn to prepare, parse, blend, and transform data.

For more information on the curriculum and available dates, visit our training page.


Looking to consolidate your Tableau reporting and Salesforce environments? Lovelytics will integrate Tableau seamlessly with Salesforce to allow your users to easily visualize interactive Tableau reports and dashboards inside of Salesforce. 

Creating a consolidated reporting environment in Salesforce increases user adoption and improves usability by presenting users with all information in one platform.

For companies new to the Sales and Service Cloud products or looking to improve their current deployment, Lovelytics will provide custom services to deploy and configure an environment specifically customized to your business needs and workflows. 

Lovelytics certified Salesforce consultants focus on removing technology from the conversation, understanding your business and specific needs, and translating their findings into a technical solution. The end result is a fully customized Salesforce environment ready to be deployed across the enterprise.

Setting up a professionally designed Sales or Service Cloud instance, gaining quick wins, and deploying the Salesforce environment to your end users rapidly is crucial to the success and user adoption of your deployment. The Rapid Deployment Package is a fixed-price package for small-to-medium sized Sales or Service Cloud deployments. 

In three weeks or less, Lovelytics will understand your business requirements, design and deploy a customized Sales or Service cloud environment, and provide your end users with access to the environment. The Rapid Deployment engagement includes the following services:

  • Discovery workshops focused on efficiently gathering requirements
  • Design and deployment of the Salesforce environment
  • Customized training for users focused on driving user adoption and building internal Salesforce skillsets
  • Documentation on best practices related to administration, data quality, and deployment
  • A reporting dashboard showcasing the key metrics important to your business

In the end, Lovelytics delivers a professionally designed and developed solution within a budget that fits your business!