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Lovelytics is a data analytics services firm focusing on creating modern data warehouses and environments, visualizations, maps, and stories through the use tools such as Tableau, Alteryx, Mapbox, and Salesforce.

Staying true to our name, Lovelytics, we shorten complex data into understandable mash-ups that simplify information.

Our Work

Retail Site Selection Analytics

Pinpoint the best retail location for your business

Ecommerce and Retail

Learn how retail and ecommerce companies are using Tableau to deliver insights and analytics to everyone from the CEO to merchandisers to store associates


Tapping Into Shopify Data to Deliver Critical, Actionable Insights in Tableau to eCommerce Retailer’s Marketing Team.

Our Partners

Partnering with premier data visualization, mapping platforms and back-end engines allows us to provide our clients with the most innovative and tech-forward solutions. We have partnerships with Tableau, Salesforce, Alteryx, Snowflake and Mapbox.

Simply put,
Our diverse team of data and visualization experts strive to create the most responsive, easy-to-work-with, and transparent partner as possible for all of our clients!


Lovelytics specializes in creating visually-appealing, high-performing visualizations and solutions using Tableau and Mapbox.

Social Media Marketing

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Retail Dashboards

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Human Resources Dashboard

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Drill-Down Mapping Dashboard

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National Basketball Association (NBA) Ticketing Dashboard

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Our clients

Our clients span across all verticals and sizes, but our goal remains consistent, ensure they succeed in creating a data analytics and reporting environment to fit their specific needs.

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