About Us

We Are Lovelytics

At Lovelytics, we believe data can solve problems and answer questions for our clients. We’re an entrepreneurial, creative collection of data professionals and designers who devise usable, intelligent, data-based ways to help our clients run more efficient and optimized businesses.

What We Do

Lovelytics is a data and analytics consulting and services company. We help many of the world’s leading organizations accelerate, optimize, and modernize their data ecosystems. The solutions we build in partnership with our clients are designed to drive business outcomes and create sustainable value through self-sufficiency and hands-on enablement.

We leverage our deep expertise and our partnerships with the most innovative data, AI, BI, and analytics resources to develop solutions for data transformation, migration, and implementation, as well as managed data services.

From the data lakehouse to the CEO dashboard, it’s easy to see why successful organizations love Lovelytics – and why you will, too.

Company Culture

Everyone has a voice at Lovelytics. Our priority is getting to the best solution, regardless of who proposes it. For us, it’s not cliché to say there are no bad ideas in brainstorming, and we prioritize challenging the status quo. We work with organizations across industries and verticals in a positive, playful, diverse environment.

Company Values

We challenge the status quo

We communicate clearly and quickly

We deliver real change

We embrace our diversity

We foster true partnership

We give open, honest transparency