About Us

We Are Lovelytics

At Lovelytics, we believe data can solve problems and answer questions for our clients. We’re an entrepreneurial, creative collection of data professionals and designers who devise usable, intelligent, data-based ways to help our clients run more efficient and optimized businesses.

Company Culture

Everyone has a voice at Lovelytics. Our priority is getting to the best solution, regardless of who proposes it. For us, it’s not cliché to say there are no bad ideas in brainstorming, and we prioritize challenging the status quo. We work with organizations across industries and verticals in a positive, playful, diverse environment.

Company Values

We challenge the status quo

We communicate clearly and quickly

We deliver real change

We embrace our diversity

We foster true partnership

We give open, honest transparency

Meet The Team

Scott Love


Carlos Reyes


Yilian Villanueva Martinez

VP, Tableau Services

Chantilly Jaggernauth

VP, Visualizations & Training

Kyle Sullivan

VP, Services Delivery

Tre Bates

VP, Analytics Services

Ed Gonzalez

VP, Geospatial

Michael Rooney

Head of Sales

Lax Chennuri

Head of Salesforce Consulting

Amar Donthala

Head of Alteryx Solutions

Larry Love


Ashley Roberts

Project Manager

Arjun Verma

Manager, Data Science

JD Franco

Senior Geospatial Consultant

Christian Bartholomew

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

Agata Ketterick

Rachel Sim

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

William Collins

Bibi Arzybaeva

Eric Balash

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

Justin Evans

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

Jocelyn Gully

Michael Warriner

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

Joely Friedman

Data Analytics Consultant

Arjun Sangwan

Data Analytics Consultant

Jake Kohler

Training & Enablement Consultant

Engy Samaan

Custom Development Consultant

Pat Sarsfield

Senior Data Consultant

Allison Wright

Training & Visualization Consultant

Eric Wyant

Director of Business Intelligence Solutions

Brian Perez

Strategic Account Executive

Oliver Inca

Lead Analytics Support Consultant

Sekou Tyler

Director of Training and Data Visualization

Shiv Khosla

Data Analytics Consultant

Ali Tehrani

Data Visualization Consultant

Dave Venditti

Dave Venditti

Project Manager

Cait Sojka

Franci Hummel

Randy Suarez Rodes

Matan Winstok


Office Dog