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We Are Lovelytics

At Lovelytics, we believe data can solve problems and answer questions for our clients. We’re an entrepreneurial, creative collection of data professionals and designers who devise usable, intelligent, data-based ways to help our clients run more efficient and optimized businesses.

Unlocking the Transformative Power of Data and AI

Founded in 2017, Lovelytics is a passionate team of data scientists, engineers, analysts, and strategists dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of data, generative AI (GenAI), machine learning (ML), and empowering end-user analytics.

Fueled by the investment and commitment of Databricks Ventures and Interlock Equity, we grow and scale at a rapid pace. This allows us to attract and invest in top talent, ensuring our team possesses the latest data and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise across the board.

Our Promise

Unlocking Value
Extract actionable insights, drive efficiency, optimize operations, and uncover new growth opportunities through your data.
Empowering Teams
Put data directly in your team's hands. We provide the tools, training, and knowledge transfer needed to cultivate a data-driven culture.
Future-Proofing Solutions
Leverage cutting-edge advancements in data and AI, building flexible and scalable solutions that adapt and evolve with your needs.

What We Do

From the data lakehouse to the CEO dashboard, it’s easy to see why successful organizations love Lovelytics—and why you will too.

Lovelytics is a data, AI, and analytics consulting company. We help many of the world’s leading organizations accelerate, optimize, and modernize their data ecosystems. Through self-sufficiency and hands-on enablement, we design our solutions in partnership with our clients to drive business outcomes and create sustainable value.

We leverage our deep expertise and our partnerships with the most innovative data, AI, business intelligence (BI), and analytics resources to develop solutions for data transformation, migration, and implementation, as well as managed data services.

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Our Leadership

Scott Love

Founder & CEO

Elaine Fide

Chief Financial Officer

Tamara Kinney

Chief Revenue Officer

David Tyler

Chief Services Officer

Erin Kindelan

Head of People & Talent

Andrew Branum

Head of Industry & Growth

Kyle Sullivan

Head of Operations

Our Board of Directors

Jerry Weitzman

Former SVP Americas Sales, Databricks

Neil Huse

Former CEO, Clarity Insights

Stefan Jensen

Co-Founder, Interlock Equity

Rob Zielinkski

Co-Founder, Interlock Equity

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