Communications, Media, and Entertainment (CME)

Streaming Data to Bring Sports and Entertainment to Life

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the CME sector. We design our data and AI solutions to drive innovation, engage your audience, and optimize operations, thereby distinguishing you in the CME space.

Problems We Solve

Improve the user/gamer experience
Track revenue and spending patterns in the game or on the platform.
Predict & Forecast Performance:
Leverage AI and predictive analytics for forecasting performance and optimizing strategies.
Data-Driven Decisions
Enhance strategic decision-making with comprehensive data analysis for content creation, distribution, and targeted audience engagement.
Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics, ML & AI
Enhance content recommendations, enabling personalized experiences and optimized content delivery based on preferences and behaviors.

Why Choose Lovelytics?

  • 8 Fortune 500 companies across music, entertainment, and streaming
  • 10+ gaming producers and studios
  • 20+ leading advertising and marketing agencies
  • Multiple sports teams across the NBA, NHL, and MLS and some of the largest US online casino and sports gaming companies

Accelerate Time-to-Value With Our CME Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions

Level Up Your Data and AI Strategies With Our Gamehouse Brickbuilder

Gamehouse gives studios a best-practice framework for unifying all of their game and community data, creating a 360-degree view of their business that unlocks actionable insights for gamer acquisition, engagement, and retention. 

Learn more about the Brickbuilder here.

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