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Upcoming Webinars

Build Your Gamehouse and Leverage 360° Game Analytics with Databricks + Tableau

June 14, 2023

Gamehouse by Lovelytics is designed to help game studios of all sizes level up their data and AI strategies. Leveraging Databricks + Tableau technologies, you can quickly stand up a 360-degree view and unlock actionable insights for gamer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Loving the Lakehouse for Data Transformation

June 14, 2023

Hear from Alteryx and special guests Databricks and Lovelytics about how to generate a high-quality data set for advanced use cases, and follow along in a hands-on workshop to see an example in action.

On Demand Webinars

10 Steps to User-friendly Design

June 1, 2023

Join Lead Trainer Cait Sojka and Tableau Ambassador Eric Balash to learn the specifics of creating an effective dashboard. Your dashboard is the key to easily understanding your data and using it to make good decisions, and good design is at the heart of every effective dashboard.

MLB Statcast Solutions/Databricks

June 22, 2022

See how Lovelytics’ Brickbuilder solution speeds turning data into actionable insights faster than an MLB pitcher’s fastball. View, consume, and make real-time decisions before the next pitch is thrown.

TC 21 Recap

November 18, 2021

William Collin leads this post conference wrap-up of Tableau Conference 2021.