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Part data warehouse, part data lake, Databricks introduces the concept of a data Lakehouse to your organization’s cloud-based data management infrastructure. It’s equipped with ETL, analytics and machine learning capabilities, to take your organization’s data strategy to the next level.

Databricks provides data scientists with a unified data platform and a collaborative environment, empowering them to run interactive and scheduled data analysis. Lovelytics works in close partnership with Databricks, continually developing solutions that accelerate your leap to a data-driven enterprise.

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A Partnership Designed to Deliver Intelligence At Scale

Your decision to invest in Databricks as a modern data lakehouse platform is a sound one. Databricks is simple, open and collaborative and a powerful platform for understanding your data and achieving the delivery of actionable insights.

We can help! As a preferred partner, Databricks has chosen us to help organizations just like yours implement, configure and scale their Databricks platform to organize, transform and understand their data.

Our Databricks Specialties

Enable Your Databricks Platform With Our Expertise

Tap into the power of a collaborative data processing environment and bring data accessibility to every member of your team.
Lakehouse Design & Build

Tap into the combined benefits of a data lake and a data warehouse to mobilize data like never before.

Data Engineering & Data Science

Establish a CRM that keeps critical customer data always at-the-ready and on-tap for visualization.

ML Operations & DevOps

Program and deploy powerful machine learning algorithms that culminate in data-driven solutions for complex business challenges.

Cloud Migration

Bring your data to a well-architected cloud infrastructure that’s equipped to handle your unique data demands.

Solution/Vertical Accelerators

Connect Databricks to the rest of your tech stack for synergies that take data enablement to new levels.

Game Analytics

Acquire, engage, and retain players with the game analytics Brickbuilder to quickly unify data from multiple sources and uncover actionable insights.

Introducing Gamehouse

Quickly stand up a 360-degree view of your game using Lovelytics’ game analytics Brickbuilder Solution. 

Securely Share Live Data From Your Lakehouse To Any Computing Platform

Delta Sharing With Databricks

Key Benefits

Open Cross-Platform Sharing

Easily share existing data in Delta Lake and Apache Parquet formats to any computing platform.

Share Live Data With No Replication

Share live data, without replicating or copying it to another system.

Centralized Governance

Centrally manage, govern, audit, and track usage of the shared data on one platform.

Marketplace For Data Products

Build and package data products, including data sets, ML models and notebooks once and distribute anywhere through a central marketplace.

Privacy-Safe Data Clean Rooms

Easily collaborate with your customers and partners on any cloud via a secure hosted environment while safeguarding data privacy.

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