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We Train Organizations and Employees on Critical Data Systems to Enable Better Analytics

Savvy organizations support their investment in data and analytics platforms by training and up-skilling employees. From Tableau to Databricks, our experts teach them how to do more with the technology available to them. We help organizations get the most out of their tech stack through best-in-class training and enablement services.

Training Designed For Your Team

Whether you’re just getting started or want advanced training for your entire team, we have training and enablement courses designed for you. Don’t see exactly what you need? We can customize any course for your organization.

Our Tableau Courses

Tableau Fundamentals

This course provides the foundations of Tableau Desktop and the Tableau sharing platform (Server or Online)
2 Days

Accelerated Intermediate

This course covers Fundamentals content as well as more advanced Tableau concepts in a condensed format.
3 Days


This course goes beyond Fundamentals to expand participants’ Desktop skills and knowledge of the Tableau platform
2 Days

Tableau Fundamentals Accelerated Intermediate Advanced
Connecting to data from desktop
Building simple views from scratch
Leveraging filters & parameters
Understanding basic data modeling
Writing basic calculations
Intro to designing dashboards & interactivity
Building advanced views from scratch
Leveraging advanced filters & parameters
Advanced data modeling
Advanced dashboard design & performance
Working with data blends & join calculations
Advanced chart types
Writing advanced level of detail & table calculations
Creating special calculations & advanced mapping functionality
Leveraging predictive functions & analytic extensions

Tableau Pricing

Our Alteryx Courses

Core Starter

This session is a great general overview of the Alteryx Designer application and the core tools used to built out basic workflows.
1/2 Day


This course is a deep dive into the Designer application and the tools included in the first five tool palettes. Great for those looking to achieve Alteryx Core certification!
2 Days


This class is perfect for those who have mastered the basic tools and are ready to explore advanced palettes like Spatial, Macro, Analytic Application or Reporting.
2 Days

Alteryx Core Starter Alteryx Core Alteryx Advanced
Input and Output Data: Browse
Input and Output Data: Input
Input and Output Data: Output
Input and Output Data: Directory
Input and Output Data: Text Input
Preparation: Data Cleansing
Preparation: Filter
Preparation: Formula
Preparation: Select Records
Preparation: Sort
Preparation: Generate Rows
Preparation: Record ID
Preparation: Sample
Preparation: Unique
Join: Append Fields
Join: Find Replace
Join: Join
Join: Union
Parse: DateTime
Parse: Text to Columns
Transform: Cross Tab
Transform: Summarize
Transform: Transpose
Transform: Count Records
Advanced Data Prep: RegEx
Advanced Data Prep: Multi-Field / Multi-Row Formula
Advanced Data Prep: Blob Input and Output
Advanced Data Prep: Block Until Done
Advanced Data Prep: Download
Advanced Data Prep: Dynamic Select, Rename, and Input
Reporting: Text, Image, Table
Reporting: Header/Footer, Layout
Reporting: Join Multiple
Reporting: Interactive Chart
Reporting: Overlay
Reporting: Render
Spatial: Create Points
Spatial: Distance, Info
Spatial: Find Nearest
Spatial: Trade Area
Spatial: Summarize
Macros: Input/Output
Macros: Control Parameter
Macros: Message
Analytic Apps: Action
Analytic Apps: Interface Tools
Analytic Apps: Detour, Detour End

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Empowerment Through Hands-On Training

Your organization has made a sizable investment in data tools, but your team isn’t fully trained on how to get the most out of these platforms. Let our experts be your guide to bringing everyone up to speed. 


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