BI Accelerators

Transform Data Into Actionable Insights

Get a jump start on translating all your collected data into valuable business insights. Pre-built Accelerator templates and our custom configuration for your unique needs will get you to actionable insights faster.

Retail  Site Selection 

Optimize your business locations

Power your site selection analytics with this accelerator by Lovelytics and Four Square. Use data to drive decisions about where to open new business locations or how to optimize existing locations.

Data Strategy 

Jump start your journey to modern analytics

This data and analytics strategy assessment helps organizations establish a modern data analytics environment. It includes processes, technical organization, and sound governance.

Analytics Portal 

Help employees easily access Tableau dashboards

Make your data accessible to employees through a secure, customizable Analytics Portal. Leverage packaged code, pre-built templates, and robust configuration options to brand and customize a portal with Tableau Dashboards. Self-host on your servers or take advantage of hosting with Lovelytics.

Instant Analytics 

Connect to all your data sources

Easily connect to your data sources and quickly deliver analytics to your team. InstantAnalytics is packed with over 150 pre-built data connections, including NetSuite Adobe Analytics and Facebook. Plus, InstantAnalytics displays your data in pre-built, Zen-Master- designed Tableau dashboards.

Shopify Analytics  

Leverage analytics as a service

Connect to Shopify with this analytics-as-a-service offering. In minutes, your team can analyze Shopify data through ad-hoc reporting and pre-built Tableau dashboards.

Private Equity Portfolio Management  

Improve portfolio management with better analytics

Private equity runs on data. Our private equity portfolio management accelerator is an upgrade to your analytics to  improve the management of your portfolio.

Hotel RevPAR Management  

Drive business with all the analytics you need

Whether you have one hotel or a full portfolio, understanding room revenue metrics is paramount to the business. This accelerator offers everything from revenue modeling to market rate comparisons, so you can make decisions that drive growth.