Data Management

Our team designs automations that enable seamless data extraction, loading and transformation solutions.

Bring in all of the right data sources to get to a single source of data truth for your organization. Are you still manually running your ETL processes? Why? You could be benefit from fully automating your processes! Lovelytics designs and implements automated data management solutions, to ensure the data your team relies on is clean, accurate and up-to-date—all with minimal manual processes.


Mobilize Your Data for Maximum Usefulness

Data management involves ETL (extraction, transformation, loading) processes and storage of data in a way that’s readily accessible.

Many organizations have abundant data, but no way to tap into it. It’s vital to have structured systems for handling data—including collecting, storing, cleaning and applying it. Without systems to keep it structured and organized, businesses risk losing the insights it offers. 

The way to build a high quality repository of data is to automate your ETL and data quality management processes.  Without automation your data and analytics programs will not deliver the data and insights your organization needs. We build systems that keep your data under control at all times.

Extract your data

Bring in data from all relevant sources to drive the right insights for your organization.

Transform your data

Prep, test, organize, consolidate and understand your data to ensure it’s accurate and reliable.

Load your data

Push data to your single source of truth data repository for all of your users to access

Our Specialties

Your Data Management Specialists

We establish the framework for responsible data handling at every stage of custody.

Data Management Strategy

We help you design the right data management automation solutions for your organization.

Data Prep

We design, implement and configure data prep solutions that prepare your data to be analyzed.

Platform Selection & Implementation

Are you using the right data platforms? Let us help you choose the right technology solutions for your organization.

Data Quality Management

Poor data quality leads to bad decision making and lack of trust in your data. We can help you design and implement a data quality management program that tackles data quality every step in the process.

Automated ETL Processes

We help you design and implement automated ETL solutions that remove the manual processes and the errors that come with them to deliver a streamlined solution.

Our Partners

We Partner With & Recommend The Best

Our consultants are ready to help you design, implement and deliver impactful data management solutions helping you to understand your data like never before

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