Data Infrastructure & Cloud Migration

Designing Modern Data Warehouse Environments To Support Your Data Future

Building a data environment to support the complexities of today and your data needs of tomorrow requires expertise that only the Lovelytics team can provide. We help organizations design and build new, modern data warehouse environments and migrate existing on-premise data warehouses to the cloud.

Customize a data warehouse solution

Design, Model, Build

A data warehouse needs to provide support, structure and organization for your organization’s many data streams. It also needs to be accessible, traceable and secure—a high quality, reliable, source of data truth. To ensure it meets these high standards, we take a design, model, build approach. We design based on your organizations unique requirements, model using  industry best practices and build solutions that meet your needs.

Our Specialties

Experts In Data Infrastructure & Cloud Migration

To remain current, business data needs to live in the cloud. We specialize in creating a migration plan that brings your crucial data systems into the cloud, ensures they’re configured appropriately, and fine-tuned and optimized. 

Cloud Migration

Our team helps you bring your business’ data to the cloud through warehousing solutions uniquely designed to keep it organized, accessible, secure and current.


After building a data warehouse, we ensure it’s configured to meet your needs with seamless integrations, cybersecurity and rules-based automations.

Performance Tuning

As your business grows and evolves, so do your data storage demands. Our team helps yours recognize new opportunities for efficiency through performance tuning.

Want To Migrate To Tableau Cloud?

We Specialize In Tableau Cloud Migration Services

Our Partners

We Partner With & Recommend The Best

Building the right data warehouse solution requires the right technology platform and tools that can deliver the security, accessibility and scalability needed for your organization.  Picking the right technology solutions for the job requires the expertise we have.  Databricks is our preferred partner when building out a modern data warehouse environment and we also work with companies like Fivetran and others to streamline the moving of your data from source to repository seamlessly.


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