Client Facing Analytics For
Wealth Management
Tableau Accelerator

Increase Portfolio Transparency For Clients

Improve client trust and provide visually-appealing technology solutions to clients to increase sales conversions, retention rates and increased transparency with clients. Automation of manual reporting saves hours; time you can spend with clients and prospects.

Increase Portfolio Transparency For Clients With Tableau

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In today’s data-driven, high-tech world, individual investors expect their wealth management and financial advisors to provide tech-forward tools to track investments, understand how money is allocated, ESG, and other key metrics related to their relationship with their financial advisor. 
Too often financial advisors’ time is consumed by creating custom reports, pulling manual data to share with clients, and showcasing important financial information in ugly Excel sheets. This process is not only wasting valuable time but providing a sub-par client experience. 


Client Facing Analytics for Wealth Management delivers the power of information and insights into the hands of the analysts, putting insights at the center of every conversation.

3 Ways Embedded Analytics Creates Value:

1.  Deliver insights to clients and internal analysts automatically and intuitively
2.  Create easier ways to access and consume data & insights
3.  Seamless integrations improves user experience and creates stickiness

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