Three reasons why I’m thankful to be a part of the Lovelytics team

Most of us are inevitably going to be asked one of the most common questions this time of year: “What are you thankful for?” 

Of course, I am grateful for my husband, my maniac of a dog, my family, and the food I’m fortunate enough to have on the table every day. But let’s be honest—a lot of what comes to my mind is centered around where I spend a significant amount of my time. Like most of us, that’s “at work” (parenthesis because I’m currently at home in sweats, drinking out of my favorite mug). 

I recently passed my one year anniversary at Lovelytics and I’m super thankful to be here! Let me tell you why…

The People

This may sound cliché, but considering “people” is in my job title, I’d love to take the opportunity to call out our amazing team. They are the number one reason I’m thankful for Lovelytics. 

It just so happens that earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting 60 of our 70 team members at our annual All Hands meeting. This was the first time I’d met many of these people face-to-face and it was quite frankly… lovely! We used this time to learn from one another, laugh a lot, play charades (some better than others), and brainstorm how we can make an impact on the future of Lovelytics.

As everyone went back to their friends and families, I reflected on the conversations and activities I was involved in—how fortunate we are to be able to show up as ourselves and be surrounded by people from all walks of life. It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of such a diverse group, one that creates such a powerful voice and makes Lovelytics what it is. 

I left the meeting to return to my family a little bit exhausted, but a lot-a-bit excited about what’s to come with this crew!

Culture of Appreciation

At Lovelytics, we strive to foster a culture of appreciation, one that uplifts our people and enables them to continue to do great things. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure our teammates feel seen for their kind acts and outstanding performance.

While appreciation is often expressed verbally at Lovelytics, it also comes in the form of a monetary spot bonus from time to time. We also have a few other initiatives in place: the quarterly recognition program and our #winningfriday Slack channel. Set up earlier this year, the quarterly recognition program—aka Star Awards—ties in our Lovelytics core competencies and peer nominations to award winners with a little something extra in their paycheck. And as for #winningfriday (created proactively by one of our folks only a few weeks ago)… it provides a feel good vibe to the end of the week. 

All in all we get hyped on each other. There never seems to be a lack of shoutouts, thank you’s, and job well done’s for what may seem like even the smallest undertaking. 

Boundless Opportunity

You’re a business leader, and you know data can help you understand how things are going, where the market is headed (plus opportunities), etc…. but how do you actually, well, “do” analytics to drive outcomes for the business? 

The idea can be super overwhelming. I am no data guru. I know that clean data is super important; I also know what data can enable when it comes to making educated decisions.  But, what I’ve witnessed at Lovelytics is that our authentic approach to relationships combined with our expertise, empowers even our novice data clients to truly understand and solve some of their biggest problems. This is what is setting us apart from others that are playing in this space… this is what’s setting us up for success (*cough cough* Databricks Innovation Partner of the Year).

So, while so many organizations are amid one of the truly challenging (if not the most challenging) times in their existence, Lovelytics is in a new stage of growth. We are thoughtfully bringing in new functions, bigger clients, and game changing technologies, subsequently creating exciting challenges for our team members.  As they say, growth = opportunity and we have a lot of it ahead.

Back to the Pie

Although my list could go on (I didn’t even touch on our culture of trust, emphasis on flexibility, or generous benefits), I realize how fortunate I am to have even three things that I am grateful for, and no one likes a bragger. Plus, I have a pie to bake.

About Lovelytics

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