UNTUCKit, a rapidly growing international clothing retailer based in New York, desired an analytics environment to provide team members ranging from the C-Suite to store managers with accurate, up-to-date, and visually appealing reporting.

To start, UNTUCKit  maintained a basic sales and operations data analytics environment. However, producing basic reports was time-consuming, data integration across different sources, including Shopify, NewStore, and others, was challenging, and user adoption was stagnant. Due to the busy schedules of the UNTUCKit team, UNTUCKit sought an experienced partner to help them overcome these challenges by developing a modern data warehouse and reporting environment.

Lovelytics worked collaboratively with UNTUCKit’s senior management to identify and combine data from different sources, and then generated Tableau dashboards and reports on a single analytics platform for various business needs.

In the initial stage, Lovelytics worked closely with UNTUCKit’s senior management to identify the key requirements for developing and scaling their analytics platform, which formed the framework for the project.

UNTUCKit and Lovelytics executed the data integration carefully, with several rounds of data validation to safeguard the process against mistakes. In order to connect to Shopify, Newstore, and other data sources, Lovelytics created custom API connections using custom scripting and Amazon Web Services technologies. The custom connections allowed for an automated flow of data into the secure AWS staging environment where joins and logic were implemented.

Data governance, especially in maintaining the pipeline and developing consistent data definitions, was also improved through constant feedback and internal training sessions. Lovelytics also adopted an iterative and collaborative approach to building the reporting dashboards, ensuring both relevance and user-friendliness for the final deliverables.


Lovelytics delivered a modern data warehouse and reporting environment covering a wide scope from retail sales to cohort analysis to customer profiling. UNTUCKit’s senior management and various departments rely heavily on these dashboards to measure and understand the company’s performance, as well as to inform strategy planning for the future. As the dashboards are deployed across the enterprise, frequent requests for additional reports and dashboards are made – a good indicator of genuine adoption.