GC Wealth: Transforming Website Analytics with Embedded Tableau Dashboards

In the modern era of data-driven decision-making, organizations seek innovative ways to present complex information effectively. Tableau has emerged as a leading data visualization tool, empowering users to create dynamic and interactive dashboards. Embedding Tableau dashboards into custom websites offers a powerful solution, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate data visualizations with their online presence. In this article, we will explore the case of the GC Wealth Project (https://wealthproject.gc.cuny.edu/), which exemplifies the ability to match website design with Tableau aesthetics. We will also discuss the incorporation of warehouse functionality and the integration of a publication’s library with BibBase, enhancing the project’s data-driven capabilities.

Matching Website and Tableau Design:

The GC Wealth Project is a prime example of the successful integration of Tableau dashboards with a custom website design. Through careful attention to detail, the project team ensured a cohesive user experience. The dashboards seamlessly blend with the website’s color palette, typography, and overall visual style. The consistent design elements create a unified environment where users feel they are exploring data within the project’s website, which promotes engagement and enhances usability. This design integration serves to strengthen the project’s brand identity, while providing a visually appealing and intuitive platform for data exploration.

Leveraging Warehouse Functionality:

The GC Wealth Project demonstrates the potential of embedding Tableau dashboards by harnessing the platform’s powerful warehouse functionality. By utilizing Tableau’s data warehousing capabilities, the project team can effectively manage and analyze large volumes of data. Real-time access to dynamically updated information empowers users to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights. Through the embedded dashboards, website visitors can interact with the latest data, exploring various dimensions and visualizations, thus driving a deeper understanding of the project’s research findings.

Integrating the Publications Library with BibBase:

The GC Wealth Project takes data-driven capabilities to the next level by integrating a publications library with BibBase. This integration allows the project team to showcase relevant research papers, articles, and scholarly works alongside the embedded Tableau dashboards. The publications library serves as a comprehensive source of contextual information, providing users with valuable insights into the project’s research methodology and findings. This integration enhances the credibility and transparency of the project, while also fostering a deeper understanding and increasing engagement from website visitors.


The GC Wealth Project exemplifies the power of embedding Tableau dashboards into custom websites, showcasing the successful integration of design elements, warehouse functionality, and a publications library. By aligning the design aesthetics of Tableau dashboards with the overall website design, the project creates a seamless and visually appealing user experience. The incorporation of warehouse functionality empowers users with real-time access to dynamic data, enabling informed decision-making. Furthermore, the integration of a publication’s library using BibBase enhances the project’s credibility and provides valuable contextual information to users. The GC Wealth Project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of embedding Tableau dashboards, offering a powerful data-driven platform for exploration and engagement.To learn more, visit our Tableau partner page.