Broadridge Financial Services


Broadridge, a global leader in the financial technology sector, provides investor communications services and data analytics solutions for businesses in the financial services industry. Instead of relying solely on traditional reports and spreadsheets, Broadridge desired a modern customer experience where users are provided access to Tableau dashboards where they are presented with an interactive and visual understanding of their data.

In this project, Lovelytics partnered with Broadridge to create a set of visually appealing dashboards for Broadridge’s client to access through the Portfolio Master product. Clients were presented with the ability to interact with the pre-built dashboards as well as create their own dashboards and reports using the Tableau Explorer functionality. With client data security being Broadridge’s top concern, Lovelytics and Broadridge worked hand-in-hand to develop an environment that was secure, built for high-availability, and performant.

Lovelytics worked closely with the Broadridge team to ensure that the Tableau infrastructure complied with their security restrictions and that it would work seamlessly with a live connection.
Once the data connection was established, Lovelytics and Broadridge adopted an iterative and collaborative approach to building the dashboard reports for Broadridge, resulting in a consistent and professional template across all visualizations


The inclusion of interactive data visualization alongside traditional reporting methods for financial data enabled Broadridge clients with time-series reporting, the ability to drill-down into investment decisions, and other modern data analytics features. Together, Broadridge and Lovelytics showcased the platform to potential clients in various cities across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific.