How to Make Your Data Science Models Usable for the People Inside Your Business

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Decision Makers Don’t Understand The Model

Companies around the world are using data science to revolutionize their business.

They’ve hired data scientists to build models for predictive sales forecasting, detailed customer analysis, and more. These skilled individuals are leveraging the power of big data to help companies become more competitive, efficient, and profitable.

But there’s a flaw in the system. There’s a disconnect between the data scientists and the people who make business decisions.

Most models data scientists build never inform or influence the business because those running the company don’t understand the models. The scientists create models in a language business leaders don’t know, leaving them unable to comprehend and take action on what the models tell them.

Companies like yours need to translate their data science models into understandable insights. Fortunately, that’s possible.

Translate Your Data Science Models Into a Language Your People Understand

At Lovelytics, we build interactive data visualizations that are visually appealing and digestible for business users.

One impactful way we help clients is by translating their data science models into visuals that people inside the business can understand and use.

To accomplish this, we first connect a client’s data science models  with a platform, such as Databricks’ MLflow or Tableau. Then, we build customized visualizations that display the models’ outputs.

The process takes the numbers, analyses, and forecasts of your data scientists’ models and turns them into easy-to-understand visuals the people inside your business can understand.

Your team members can easily share the visuals with others, extending the reach of your data scientists’ work. Every member of your sales team, for example, can see your company’s sales forecasts. Or, your marketing team can see which of your company’s new products your data scientists predict will sell the most.

The visualizations will continue to update. Every time your data scientists run the models, the visualizations will automatically display the latest output. 

Actionable Data Science for Everyone In Your Company

Companies are spending time and money on having data scientists leverage modeling and predicting to inform business decision-makers better.

Unfortunately, the models these data scientists create are incomprehensible to many within the company — all this time and effort into building data science models that no one can use or understand.

There is a solution. We can turn your data scientists’ work into actionable insights for everyone in your company by:

  • Connecting your data science models to a platform.
  • Building customized dashboards that display your models’ outputs.

Your teams can easily understand the visualizations and use that knowledge to make better informed, data-driven decisions. The visualizations will update every time the models run, and your users can share the visualizations with others to broaden the reach and impact of the findings.

It’s time to turn your data science into understandable, actionable insights for people inside your company. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

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