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Healthy Eyes Advantage wanted to make things easier for its sales team. The company serves thousands of eye care professionals. Each day, Healthy Eyes salespeople visit and engage with physicians and their offices across the U.S.

The Healthy Eyes sales team uses NetSuite software to track and manage their client accounts. Over time, the amount of data Healthy Eyes stored in NetSuite became difficult to manage. If a client called, a salesperson had to sort through a lot of data to address the customer’s needs. It also took time for the Healthy Eyes’ server to process its sales team’s specific inquiries. And sometimes, the servers simply couldn’t manage the influx of requests.

That’s when Healthy Eyes Advantage asked Lovelytics to help.

A Clearer Way to See Client Data

First, Lovelytics moved Healthy Eyes to Tableau Prep, a more robust and secure data source.

Using Tableau Prep, Lovelytics was able to reduce Healthy Eyes’ data processing times from minutes to seconds. And the change enabled Healthy Eyes’ servers to easily manage requests from the salespeople.

Next, Lovelytics improved how the sales team accessed client accounts.

Lovelytics built Tableau dashboards that allowed a salesperson to quickly find and drill further into client data displayed in easy-to-understand visualizations.

The data updates in real-time, too. That way, a Healthy Eyes salesperson knows they’re seeing the latest possible information about each client’s account.

Lovelytics integrated Healthy Eyes’ Tableau dashboards with its NetSuite account. So a sales representative can go from seeing a client’s data to accessing that client’s statements.

With Tableau dashboards in place, Lovelytics next delivered an improved way for Healthy Eyes salespeople to visit their physician clients.

Lovelytics plotted all Healthy Eyes customers on a map. Then added isochrons to the map so sales team members can see driving times to their clients.

An isochron is a line on a map connecting points relating to the same time. By making an isochrone map, Lovelytics gave Healthy Eyes’ salespeople a map showing how long it takes to get to their clients’ offices.

The map Lovelytics built provides directions and estimated arrival times. These features allow a sales team member to plan their client visits in the most efficient route.

If  a Healthy Eyes sales rep plans to stop by five clients’ offices tomorrow. They can see those customers’ locations on a map, along with the time between each stop. Using that insight, the salesperson can plot the quickest route between clients, and schedule appointments at the appropriate intervals.

What’s more, a sales team member can use the Tableau dashboards to identify the clients they need to visit.

For example, using Tableau, a Health Eyes salesperson can see clients who made the most recent purchases. The sales rep can then pop those clients onto a map and plan their site visits.

And sales team members can access their maps and Tableau dashboards on their mobile devices. Doing so, they can efficiently plan their day knowing where they’re headed while  seeing their client data and information on-the-go.

Efficient Results for Healthy Eyes Advantage

Healthy Eyes Advantage wanted to make their sales team’s jobs easier and more efficient.

Lovelytics accomplished this by:

  • Moving Health Eyes client data to Tableau Prep.
  • Building easy-to-use data visualizations in Tableau.
  • Giving salespeople detailed, Tableau-connected maps.

Now, Healthy Eyes sales reps can access real-time client data in seconds. They can also more efficiently plan and make client site visits.

For Healthy Eyes Advantage, the outcome is clear: Less time waiting on servers and traffic, and more time serving customers.

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