Databricks Ventures and Interlock Equity Invest in the Future with Lovelytics

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  • Scott LoveScott Love

Six years ago, I started Lovelytics, a data and analytics consulting firm, determined to do it differently and to go beyond the typical and the ordinary. We were committed to creating a distinctive work culture that would put our team members first, enabling them to thrive in an entrepreneurial, fun, and hard-working environment. We set out to provide an unparalleled level of technical expertise and responsiveness to our customers. We did not just aim to match expectations; we wanted to exceed them, ensuring that our customers experienced a service they couldn’t find elsewhere. 

I’m immensely proud of our achievements at Lovelytics: building a team of industry leaders, serving global leading companies, and enhancing insights for our technology partners.  It’s incredible to see what our Lovelytics family has achieved and how we’ve paved the way for the future.

Speaking of the future, I am thrilled to share that Lovelytics has secured strategic investments from Databricks Ventures and Interlock Equity. This is a significant step toward our future. Having two industry-leading partners supporting our team, our mission, and the vision of Lovelytics helps us accelerate the growth of our amazing team and culture. 

Databricks Ventures, Interlock Equity Bet On Lovelytics

Earlier this year, I wrote about why we bet our business on Databricks. That decision was based on trust in their exceptional team, innovative product, and transformative lakehouse vision. This decision has fostered a robust partnership with Databricks, and we’re thrilled to extend this relationship through the recent investment.

We placed a bet on Databricks, and now Databricks Ventures is placing a bet on us.

Being Databricks’ first investment in a consulting implementation partner is truly an honor and an exciting achievement for our company. 

So why did they decide to invest in Lovelytics? Kori O’Brien, SVP of Partnerships at Databricks shared,     

“Partners play an essential role in enabling our customers to derive value from data and AI and we are thrilled to build on our partnership with Lovelytics through this investment. The Lovelytics team is best-in-class and has been a driving force in helping organizations adopt the Databricks Lakehouse. We look forward to continued collaboration across all areas of our business.”

Interlock Equity’s investment, spearheaded by Rob Zielinski, Stefan Jensen, Dan Williams and Neil Huse, aligns with the fund’s exclusive focus on backing founders of high growth, differentiated businesses in the knowledge economy. Bringing experience within the Salesforce, Workday, Oracle, SAP, commerce tools, Contentful and other ecosystems, the firm boasts a remarkable track record of successfully scaling enterprise technology consultancies in the right way.  In particular, Neil Huse, former president and CEO of Clarity Insights, will draw upon his successful leadership with one of the largest players in our space to further support our growth and core values.  

From the moment our conversations commenced with the Interlock team, I was struck by the profound alignment between our organizations. They were more than just potential investors; their team echoed our cultural ethos – entrepreneurial at heart, remarkably approachable, and equally passionate about our shared vision. Their dedication to doing right by our collective team, our customers, and our valued technology partners mirrors our own.

And, as Interlock Equity’s founder, Rob Zielinski, says, the feeling is mutual.

“Our philosophical alignment with the Lovelytics team was evident immediately. We look forward to supporting the team as they capitalize as an early mover with a leading position in the Databricks market. We share the team’s conviction about the opportunity to offer a unique value proposition as leveraging data to drive business impact has never been more critical. Given our shared emphasis on culture, we couldn’t be more excited to support Scott and team as they execute the vision.”

What This Investment Means For Lovelytics

The future of Lovelytics is firmly rooted in our core values, ensuring the essence of what makes our company successful continues to guide us.

These investments from Interlock Equity and Databricks Ventures will positively impact our people, leadership team, and mission by reinforcing the four pillars of our business: Our People, Customers, Partners, and Services. 

Our People: At the heart of Lovelytics’ success is our dynamic and dedicated team—a vibrant blend of entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and a dash of fun. We will continue to amplify our initiatives aimed at enhancing benefits, bolstering diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strengthening training programs.

Our Customers: As experts in data and analytics, we’re eager to offer our customers a broad and deep spectrum of expertise.  The investments empower us to deepen our expertise across key sectors such as healthcare, media, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.  

Our Partners: At Lovelytics, we believe in being opinionated and providing our clients with honest and transparent thoughts best for their business. We value our partnerships with our industry leading technology partners Databricks, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Azure, dbt Labs, Alteryx, and more. The new investments will facilitate expansion of these partnerships, enable us to add more value to their teams, and co-create innovative solutions using their technology.

Our Services: While maintaining our commitment to our core services—data visualization, enterprise data platform design and implementation, data science, hands-on training, and cloud infrastructure development—we are equally excited to continue to build our AI capabilities. This enables us to deliver more solutions focused on AI, LLMs, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

So, what’s next?

First, we celebrate the journey that brought us here. We recognize that these past six years were just the trail leading to the mountain’s base. Now, with the right team at our backs, supportive investment groups and customers, we’re ready to ascend.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to each Lovelytics team member, our channel partners, and our customers who have made this expedition extraordinarily gratifying. Now, we eagerly look forward to reaching more people around the globe!

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