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Databricks recently announced the launch of Brickbuilder Solutions, data and AI solutions expertly designed by leading consulting partner companies to address industry-specific business requirements for Databricks clients. You can read the official Databricks press release here.

All Brickbuilder Solutions are validated by the Databricks industry and technical teams and help joint customers in several ways:

  • Value acceleration: Databricks partners have extensive knowledge across industries to help businesses solve critical analytics challenges, reduce costs, enhance productivity and break into new revenue streams.
  • Technical validation: Databricks provides partners with the tools and education they need to be subject matter experts and works directly with them to create repeatable assets, reference architectures and technical integrations.
  • Global access: Combined, our global partners bring decades of industry experience and thousands of trained Databricks delivery experts that will help us deliver meaningful outcomes.

Lovelytics collaborated with the Databricks team to design and build tailored solutions for specific use cases on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform including the Health Interoperability Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator and the MLB Sports Analytics Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator.

Health Interoperability Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator

For healthcare and life sciences organizations seeking to deliver better patient outcomes, legacy technology is most often the rate-limiting factor. Rapid data growth is outpacing the scale of existing infrastructure while batch processing and disjointed analytic tools prevent real-time response to critical challenges (e.g. supply chain constraints, ICU capacity, etc). This has amplified the need for investment in real-time analytics and partnerships.

The Health Interoperability Solution Accelerator provides healthcare and life science organizations with the tools they need to gain a holistic view of the patient journey and rapidly ingest and process data to power analytics. It automates the ingestion of streaming FHIR bundles into the lakehouse for downstream patient analytics at scale. Now you can:

  • Democratize technology and analytics to prototype health data dashboards quicker
  • Simplify the exchange of health data models and reuse data assets for a variety of new use cases
  • Establish the right foundation for your analytics roadmap

Click Here to learn more about the Health Interoperability Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator.

MLB Sports Analytics Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator

Major League Baseball teams can gain a competitive advantage by rapidly understanding and analyzing player and game data in new ways. The game-changing power of real-time data analytics lets them make on-field decisions, line-up changes, and optimize player performance.

The MLB Sports Analytics Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator enables teams to rapidly understand and analyze their Statcast data in new ways.

  • Full range of a pitcher’s performance (ball speed, velocity, rotation, placement)
  • AI and predictive analytics to predict and forecast performance and optimize strategy (e.g., when to switch pitchers — and which ones given batting lineup)
  • Injury prevention using biomechanic leading indicators

Click Here to learn more about the MLB Sports Analytics Brickbuilder Solution Accelerator.

To learn more about the launch of the complete Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions, please read the Databricks blog, written by Michael Lumb here.

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