Alteryx Inspire 2022 Conference Recap: Head in the Clouds

I just returned from the Alteryx Inspire Conference. Whew, what an event. Alteryx Inspire had a heavy emphasis on supporting “Analytics for All” by providing access to analytics tools, in the cloud. From data prep to predictive analytics, Alteryx has a roadmap to release cloud platforms that combine ease of access with ease of use.

With Alteryx’s acquisition of Trifacta, they’re bringing the power of Alteryx Designer Desktop to the cloud, with Alteryx Designer Cloud. Connect to data, clean and prep that data by creating a “recipe” using AI and visual assistance, share and collaborate with your teammates, and output your data for further analysis. If you want to know more about Alteryx Designer Cloud and Trifacta, visit the Alteryx website here.

One of the biggest challenges in analytics is improving the time it takes to gain insights. The typical analytics process is a revolving door of data acquisition, dashboard development, and end user review. Unfortunately, the first (or even fifth) release of a dashboard rarely has everything needed for the end users to truly drive business decisions – not to mention users typically have their own way of wanting to view their data. What if you could empower users to answer their own questions and build out their own reporting and data stories? Alteryx Auto Insights assists users with finding the critical insights within their data by identifying root causes of data variances, identifying outliers, and generating reports and dashboards. If you want to know more about Alteryx Auto Insights, visit the Alteryx website here.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are buzz words in the data and analytics industry and the demand for these skills is far outpacing the supply. Alteryx Machine learning is a web-based, Auto ML platform that puts the power of data science in the hands of those who are closest to the day-to-day work. The web application walks the user through creating a model, including judging the health of your data, a guided “education mode” which helps users better understand model generation, and an easy-to-understand output and “what if” scenario analysis feature. If you want to know more about Alteryx Machine Learning, visit the Alteryx website here.

“In times of chaos, organizations crave the clarity that analytics provides.” This piece of wisdom was shared during the keynote session “Automating Analytics: Find Clarity in a Chaotic World”. During this talk, the Alteryx team shared their vision for providing “Analytics for All”, with cloud platforms and advanced analytics tools for every day users playing a big role in this vision.

If you would like to watch sessions on-demand, you can register here, with sessions available from June 2 to July 14.

Alteryx is a powerful tool that can provide efficiency and scalability to the work users are currently doing in Excel. I enjoy helping clients recognize value by finding better ways to automate their business data processes, then using the time savings to identify business value and insights in their data. To learn more about how I and Lovelytics help clients do more with their data, please visit us at connect with us by email at [email protected].