Tableau Cloud Migration

Move Your Analytics To The Cloud

Are You Ready To Move Your Insights To The Cloud?

Moving your insights to the cloud is a decision many organizations are making. Increased uptime and scalability, less administrative overhead, a secure managed environment, and access to the latest version of Tableau, are all reasons many organizations are taking the initiative to move their on-premise Tableau server to Tableau Cloud (formerly Tableau Online).

Is it right for you? Let us help you evaluate your options regarding the right Tableau environment for your organization.

Lovelytics Offers Tableau Cloud Migration Services

Our Approach To Your Tableau Cloud Migration

Step 1: Discovery

We will evaluate your current on-premise Tableau environment, and understand your future needs, enabling us to build a migration plan that meets your organization's specific requirements.

Step 2: Plan

We will develop a step-by-step plan that takes into account your unique requirements to ensure your Tableau migration from on-prem to the Cloud occurs without a hitch.

Step 3: Migrate

We manage all aspects of the Tableau Cloud migration process to ensure all of your workbooks, dashboards, and data from your current environment are moved over correctly.

Step 4: Test

We will test and retest your migration to ensure that your Tableau Cloud instance is working properly, all of your assets have migrated and your organization has the access they need to keep delivering insights.

Ready To Migrate To Tableau Cloud?

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