InstantAnalytics is a platform that automatically connects to your social media/marketing accounts and publishes pre-built dashboards designed by a Tableau Zen Master to your Tableau Server and Tableau Online Environment.

Why buy InstantAnalytics?

Time to Insight

Traditionlly, organizations purchase licensing and spend weeks or months before deploying analytics to their users. With InstantAnalytics to their users. With InstantAnalytics, provide usable and intuitive content minutes after purchasing.

All Stored in Your Tableau Environment

Reduce the amount of places your team needs to access analytics! InstantAnalyics allows for the dashboards an data connections to be managed in your environment! The InstantAnalytics dashboards can live side-by-side by your company’s analitcs.


Why pay a consulting firm ten’s of thousands of dollars to custom build dashboards they are building over and over again for other clients. InstantAnalytics allows organizations to have access to pre-built, professionally designed dashboards for a fraction of the cost!

Reduce Database Cost

Lovelytics will host all of the data and maintain a secure connection for you and your team so you can focus on what is important, extracting insights!

New Dashboards and New Connections always

While your InstantAnalytics subscription cost remains the same, Lovelytics continues to add new connectors, dashboards, and predictive models for your team to take advantage of!

Access to Advanced Analytics

In addition to data connections and dashboards, InstantAnalytics is rolling out advanced analytics models for your team to have access to in Tableau!