Shopify Analytics As A Service Tableau Accelerator

Delivering Shopify Analytics In Minutes

Connect to Shopify with Lovelytics’ analytics-as-a-service offering and in minutes, your team can analyze Shopify data through ad-hoc reporting and pre-built Tableau dashboards.

Shopify Analytics Accelerator Delivers

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Shopify is the third-largest online retailer in the U.S. Enable your organization to instantly connect to Shopify with Lovelytics’ Analytics-as-a-service offering. In minutes, your team can analyze your Shopify data through both ad-hoc reporting and pre-built Tableau Zen-Master designed dashboards. There is no need for a database as our service publishes the data and dashboards to your Tableau Server or online environment.

Shopify Analytics Delivers:

  • Certified Connector To Shopify Data
  • Shopify analytics in minutes not days/weeks
  • Automated Population of Tableau dashboards
  • Leverage predictive modeling for more accurate forecasting
  • A turnkey solution

Shopify Analytics is provided as a monthly subscription and includes initial implementation, configuration and on-going support.  Assistance with Tableau Dashboard design and development is available to clients.

Shopify Analytics leverages a proprietary connector and Tableau for data visualization

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