HR Diversity Scorecard
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Insights Into Your Diversity & Inclusion Goal Attainment Progress

You can't improve what you don't measure. This especially holds true for important, yet complex initiatives like improving your company's overall diversity and inclusion scores. Lovelytics created an accelerated way to visualize your organization's D&I scores.

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This Accelerator provides insights into the diversity of your organization. 

Leaders can use this to understand
  • Overall representation among your employee base by women and Persons of Color;
  • Diversity by job level and tenure;
  • Employee satisfaction by demographic;
  • Employee performance by demographic.
Answers Key Business Questions
  • How diverse is my organization, overall?
  • What’s the gender distribution in my organization?
  • What percent of my organization are Persons of Color?
  • How are diverse is our organization by job level?
  • How satisfied are our employees, by demographic?
  • How does employee performance compare, across demographics
Monitor and Improve KPIs
  • Percent Diversity
  • Percent Female
  • Percent Persons of Color
  • Years of Job Tenure
  • Job Rating

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