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Lovelytics was instrumental in helping us craft and implement a data strategy.


Setting up a professionally designed data environment focused on enabling an organization with a governed, comprehensive, performant and self-service analytics environment is the critical first step of a digital transformation.

The Lovelytics Data and Analytics Strategy Assessment helps organizations design and implement a strategy and roadmap for a modern data analytics environment. We do this through a defined vision, the best data architecture, repeatable processes, a modern tech stack, and proper governance.

To help organizations create a strategy for the right data and analytics solution, Lovelytics focuses on the following areas: 

To help organizations create a strategy for the right data and analytics solution, Lovelytics focuses on these core areas of the business.


The goal of the engagement is to understand the organization’s business objectives and translate them into a recommended technical solution and comprehensive implementation plan.

At the end of the engagement, the Lovelytics team will deliver a presentation to the client focused on the recommended data environment, governance strategies, and future implementation roadmap.


Is a Data & Analytics Strategy Assessment Right For Your Organization?

The Lovelytics Data & Analytics Strategy Assessment is great for organizations of all sizes and maturity levels. Below, you will find common situations when organizations engage Lovelytics for a Data & Analytics Strategy Assessment.

Lacks Single Source Of Truth
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Your organization is great at collecting data, but lacks a single source of "truth" and often struggles to produce insights
Where Do We Start?
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Your organization wants to better utilize data, but doesn't know where or how to get started.
Manual Reporting
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Your organization spends hours or days puttting together manual reporting that is prone to errors.
No Trust In The Data
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Leaders and stakeholders in the organization lack trust in the data provided to them.
Your CEO Wants Better...
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Executive leadership is asking for better insights, better reporting, better data quality, but you need to define a modern data & analytics solution before you can deliver.
We Are About To Spend $$$'s
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Your organization is about ready to make a sizeable investment in a data & analytics software platform and people within the company are questioning whether or not it is going to work.

How We Can Help

Our 7 Step Process

Lovelytics’ proven and efficient 7-step process is focused on understanding the current state of analytics, helping define analytics business goals, designing a future-state technical architecture, and presenting the detailed findings & recommendations report as well as outlining a proposed roadmap and high level budget.


Engagement Kick-Off Meeting


  • A brief virtual or in-person meeting

The Goal

  • Perform a walkthrough of the engagement plan with a focus on identifying resources and scheduling sessions to ensure an efficient engagement

What is Required Prior to the Phase?

  • There are no requirements prior to the Kick-Off Meeting

What is Covered?

  • Introductions to the Lovelytics team
  • Who are the key decision-makers from an executive and business unit perspective?
  • What are the ideal dates for each meeting and phase?
  • What is the communication cadence between Lovelytics and the leadership team?
  • Answer any outstanding questions prior to commencing the engagement

Quick Survey Assessment


  • Digital Survey with less than 20 questions

The Goal

  • Provide baseline information to Lovelytics to enable the Lovelytics consultant to gain an overview of the current state and properly prepare for executive and business unit meetings

What is Required Prior to the Phase?

  • There are no requirements prior to the start of the Assessment

Executive Whiteboard Session


  • A virtual or in-person meeting

The Goal

  • Document the desired executive-level goals for the organization’s data strategy, governance, and deployment

What is Required Prior to the Phase?

  • There are no requirements prior to the start of the Analytics Leadership phase as the conversation focuses on setting the goals for the Data Strategy Assessment

What is Covered?

  • What are the top goals of the organization?
  • What data governance concerns exist today or may exist in the future?
  • What is the expected expansion in the near and long term?
  • Are any large-scale systems being added to the data environment that does not currently exist?
  • What departments or business units should be prioritized?
  • What problems exist today that hinder the organization from being more data-driven?

Business Stakeholder Interviews


  • Depending on the package chosen, a set number of meetings with the relevant business units will be scheduled.
  • Virtual or in-person meetings

The Goal

  • Review current reporting and identify areas for improvement
  • Determine and document the business requirements for each business unit
  • Determine the systems that are required to create a comprehensive data environment for the business unit

What is Required Prior to the Phase?

  • Quick Survey Assessment

What is Covered?

  • How does the business unit currently perform reporting?
  • What challenges exist today with the current reporting methodologies?
  • Removing technology from the conversation, what are the most important business questions the business unit needs to answer?
  • If required, which business systems need to be combined to answer business questions that require more than 1 system?
  • How frequently does data need to be reported on?

Current State Discovery


  • Virtual or in-person meeting with the IT, analytics, and/or technical development team

The Goal

  • Document all of the existing business intelligence and data tools, databases, data sources, and analytics software
  • Gain a clear understanding of the existing data environment and the desired future state
  • Determine what current systems can be used and what new systems need to be acquired for the future state deployment

What is Required Prior to the Phase?

  • Data access must either be provided to Lovelytics or the data team must be able to walk Lovelytics through the existing data environment

What is Covered?

  • Determine what platforms are necessary and which are needed for the future state
  • Technical deep-dive into each of the business systems to understand the current schema, refresh schedules, joins, logic, and calculation

Analysis & Recommendation Development

Lovelytics will gather all of the findings and perform an analysis of the findings. Using the information uncovered, Lovelytics will develop recommendations


Client Read Out

Lovelytics will deliver a Client presentation to the client to present them the findings and recommendations based on the previous phases. The presentation will include:

  • Summary of the findings
  • Recommended technical infrastructure/data
  • Business unit requirements
  • Data governance strategy
  • Proposed implementation plan (if needed)

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