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Learn how retail and ecommerce companies are using Tableau to deliver insights and analytics to everyone from the CEO to merchandisers to store associates


Shopify has simplified and automated the eCommerce process for thousands of retail and eCommerce organizations. At least 20 percent of the world’s eCommerce companies use the online shopping platform today.

However, many organizations struggle to access the data in a timely and accurate manner. To solve this common problem, Lovelytics created a Shopify Data Connector and dashboard templates enabling organizations to instantly connect to Shopify and analyze their data through both ad-hoc reporting as well as pre-built Tableau Zen-Master designed dashboards.

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A merchandising team cannot successfully do their job well without understanding past sales as well as future customer demand. Lovelytics’ solution is a merchandiser’s dream! Out-of-the-box, the merchandising team can analyze sales over time by state, product, SKU, or any other important dimension they want!

Tired of “guessing” or using ancient methods for predicting product demand? The Lovelytics Shopify dashboard starters use modern data science and predictive modeling to develop to forecast customer purchasing down and even provides you the top reasons for customer repurchasing.


As an executive, the days of receiving Excel spreadsheets showing 1000’s of orders are over. As a modern eCommerce executive, you need access to accurate and up-to-date analytics displayed in visually-appealing Tableau dashboards.

By displaying your Shopify data in a dashboard, it provides you the ability to drill down into every part of the business without needing to ask IT to provide you additional reports. Do you want to see discount percentages for clients who purchased in Northern California? Simply filter the dashboard and you have your answer at your fingertips in seconds.

Do you struggle to compare your stores in different countries effectively? For international companies, Lovelytics is also able to apply conversion rates, tax rules, and other financial information to create a global data set that allows for executives to effectively compare performance across countries.



Imagine how much better you could market to your customer base if you could rank every client from most likely to repurchase to not likely? How about being able to understand purchasing trends, such as female shoppers who buy pants in their first purchase often buy two shirts in their second purchase?

Today, these insights are often associated with very manual, time-consuming processes or the are simply not available at all. Lovelytics provides eCommerce marketers with access to customer segmentation

Now that you are targeting your customers better, you need to be able to track the effectiveness of your social, email, and other marketing mediums. Lovelytics provides data connections and dashboards to track the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns so you can showcase the improvement in a sleek dashboard to your executive team!

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