Lovelytics is a business intelligence consulting firm that works to help business leaders better understand their data. We use business intelligence software to offer clients an up-to-date and accurate understanding of their business data to make smarter business decisions.

We set out to make dashboards that help translate the complicated data into the simple. Even our name, Lovelytics, is a shortened mash-up. We aim to simplify data into understandable mash-ups that allow users to better utilize the information. We believe that driving toward the simplest form that exists is extra important in today’s world, where big data can feel often feel ominous and confusing.

Along the way, I realized how difficult it is for a business to find a partner or individual who can turn data from the enemy back into a resource — and that’s why I founded Lovelytics.

We are combating a recent phenomenon in which more and more companies are starting to view data as the enemy. Data has gone from being something you could rely on to make quick and informed business decisions to something scattered and chaotic that threatens to interfere with your operations.

We help bring together the best data architecture and Tableau talent with business users who need to gain a better understanding of their data. Unorganized data, or data debt, has become a big hindrance for many companies, and we help you solve that problem. Your team needs to be data-driven and have a reduced data debt in order to be a world-class leader, gain the best insights, and make the most informed decisions.

I believe that Tableau is absolutely the top tool in the market. Looking at the world of business intelligence and the way companies were struggling to understand it, I decided to start a consultancy that only works with Tableau as a front-end tool.

This intimate pairing makes it easy for my team to focus 100 percent of their energy on being experts in one tool instead of spreading their knowledge and expertise across multiple platforms. We strive to provide services to offer an end-to-end experience, including everything from data modeling, architecting and automation to dashboard development — and all the education and training you need along the way.

I put my last name, Love, in the name of our company because I have faith in the work we do and am willing to put my personal reputation on the line for each and every project. We don’t hide behind the guise of a business facade. Instead, we aim to be on the frontlines with our clients every day.

I look forward to working hands-on with your organization to reduce data debt – and make you fall back in love with your data. Please reach out to me at [email protected] or (317) 650-4524 for a free consultation.


Scott Love

Founder & CEO of Lovelytics

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